<3 katatOnik AO set


❤ katatOnik AO と LE.LOOK! AOのふたつを支店限定でリリースします。

名前のとおり、支店のあるシムにふさわしい、<3 katatOnik AOはプリムスカートふりふりしてふわふわしたAOになっています。LE.LOOK! AOはクールなたたずまいの大人のAOになっていると思います。

これらは新規につくったAOではなく、Body Language by SLCにあるアニメーションの中からイメージに合うものを選りすぐり、バランスよく組み合わせたものです。グッドセレクション、グッドバランスといったところでしょうか。





(manmoth Nishi)



I have released two new AOs exclusive to two of our satellite stores.
One is for the shop in Katat0nik, and the other is
for our  LE. LOOK! store.

As the names indicate, the❤ Katat0nik AO is perfect for
flouncy and ruffled prim skirts, and the one at LE. LOOK is ideal
for the stylish, more mature woman.

The individual animations are not new but selected very
carefully from an enormous collection of my
animations and combined to be make nicely
balanced AO sets.

While it’s nice to buy a complete AO,
I think it can be lots of fun to make your own AO
by mixing and matching various animations yourself.
I hope you too think these two sets are a
good example of mixing and matching.

I hope to continue making the kinds of animations which
inspire your imagination.

Oh! And let me remind you if you buy these as a set,
the cost is quite reasonable compared to other AO sets.

Please remember to try the demos in the pose vendors.

(Translated by Poohta Bailey)