NEW AO”Cymric” “wirehair” “philosophy”


Cymric AO、wirehair AOのふたつは、日常的に使える女性用AOです。
Cymric AOのほうはゆったりとした動きになっています。

philosphy AOは、おもしろAOです。

Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute MAIN Store

(manmoth Nishi)

I have released new AOs.
Cymric AO and wirehair AO are good for daily use for female.
I think both are not wearing but comfortable to use for a long time.
The pace of Cymric AO is a bit slower compared with other AOs of mine.
So it might not match with other animations very well if you mix them up.

philosophy AO is a quite funny AO.
I hope you’ll enjoy the unexpected movements.
Please come and try the demo vendors.

(Translated by Poohta Bailey)