Beautiful Days AO


Beautiful Days AO

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[kik]hair-kanaco II(black and coffee)
*dg* nautical star geta red
AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ears – Human – 1/2″

( tomoh , music by zero )

2 NEW AO for male & female

Beautiful days AO set

Pointer AO set


Butiful Days AOは素敵な女性の優雅な一日をイメージしています。

Pointer AOは無口な芯の強い男性をイメージしました。


Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute MAIN Store

(manmoth Nishi)

I have released two new AOs, one male and one female.

Beautiful AO was made with the image of the elegant daily life of an awesome woman in mind. It’s smooth, bold, and just a little bit sweet.

Pointer AO is made for a silent but strong type of guy.
There is a saying in Japanese, ‘Not words but deeds’.
I think it’s good for such a guy.

Both AOs are good for daily use.
Please try the demo on the animaion vendors.

(Translated by Poohta Bailey)